The Louis Vuitton Diane Bag Revisits a Popular ’90s Silhouette

Diane Bag: At any given time when archival revivals really are a cent twelve, it’s unsurprising that what’s old is constantly on the become new again. This has turned into a theme at each major design house from Gucci to Fendi, and Nicolas Ghesquière at Lv too. Around the heels of his latest vintage-inspired revival, the Loop bag, which is an ode towards the stopped Croissant bag, Ghesquière and co introduces the brand new Diane bag for spring 2022

A Blast from the Past

Diane Bag

The Diane Bag within the brand’s storied Monogram canvas revives a vintage Lv bag in the 1990s, taking components from the previous icon and mixing all of them with modern, contemporary finishes. Details such as the bag’s leather corners, saddle-like buckle closure (though it’s carried out with a magnetic button), and sleek shoulder bag silhouette produce a classic appeal and therefore are an ode towards the 90s. Meanwhile, the bag is refreshed with modern updates just like a wide jacquard strap that reverses and could be worn either using the bold Lv lettering showing or even the brand’s legendary Monogram Flower motif (color choices are black or pink).

The bag’s interior is spacious, with an overall size of 3.5? H x 5.9? W x 9.4? D there’s ample room inside, making the Diane an excellent everyday bag. Made with modern functionality in your mind, smart pockets are put into the interior and also the outdoors from the bag. A zippered pocket also sits around the back interior from the bag, which is ideal for securing any belongings.

The monogram canvas is completed with natural-aged leather trim, that is more dark-colored as it’s been treated. It won’t show put on or water around vachetta. Additionally, towards the emblem-jacquard strap, the Diane Bag also has a slim leather shoulder strap. Both straps are removable and could be worn by themselves or concurrently. Presently, the Diane retails for $2,370 but is offered out online. Look at your local boutique for availability.